6 Best Wall Mounted Air Conditioners in the UK

Wall mounted air conditioners are getting popular in the United Kingdom due to their high energy efficiency and quiet operation. People are switching from window air conditioners to wall mounted air conditioners but they wonder which are the best wall mounted air conditioners?

The 6 best wall mounted air conditioners in the UK are:

Best Wall Mounted Air Conditioners#1
Product Image
Estimated Price
(incl. VAT)
£ 670£ 637£ 756£ 700£ 642£ 691
Cooling Capacity2.5 kW2.5 kW2.5 kW2.5 kW2.5 kW2.5 kW
Heating Capacity3.0 kW3.15 kW3.2 kW3.3 kW2.8 kW3.2 kW
Energy Label
A++ / A++A++ / A+A+++ / A++A++ / A+A++ / A+A++ / A+
SEER/SCOP6.8 / 4.76.2 / 4.28.6 / 4.87.0 / 4.07.4 / 4.16.1 / 4.0
Product DetailsRead

There are many different wall mounted air conditioners on the market. Picking the best one can keep you house comfortable and worry-free. So, let’s take a closer look at each unit.

#1 – Daikin FTXP25

Key Specifications

  • Cooling Capacity: 2.5 kW
  • Heating Capacity: 3.0 kW
  • SEER: 6.8
  • SCOP: 4.7


  • Quiet operation
  • Good energy efficiency


  • WiFi control is optional

This model from Daikin has great value. Compared to others with a similar price range, this model offers the best energy efficiency in both heating and cooling. In addition, this model also includes tons of features including 3D airflow, econo mode, comfort mode and silent mode.

The most useful feature of this unit is the turbo mode which upon turned on will give you a boost in cooling for about 20 minutes and then automatically revert back to the previous settings. Moreover, this model is incredibly quiet at only 19 dB when the silent mode is turned on.

#2 – Panasonic CS-FZ25

Key Specifications

  • Cooling Capacity: 2.5 kW
  • Heating Capacity: 3.2 kW
  • SEER: 6.2
  • SCOP: 4.2


  • Good air filtration
  • Less expensive


  • Less features

Wall mounted air conditioners usually have a basic air filter. However, this model from Panasonic includes a PM2.5 filter that can trap harmful particulates such as dust, dirt, smoke and liquid droplets. Furthermore, this model is very compact, its height is only 290 mm which it can be conveniently installed above doors and windows.

#3 – Mitsubishi MSZ-AP25

Key Specifications

  • Cooling Capacity: 2.5 kW
  • Heating Capacity: 3.2 kW
  • SEER: 8.6
  • SCOP: 4.8


  • High energy efficiency
  • Built-in WiFi control


  • More expensive

This model from Mitsubishi Electric has great energy efficiency. On top of that, it comes with built-in WiFi mobile app control capability. So, you can use voice commands to turn it on or off through either Amazon Alexa or Google Home. What’s more, it has a remote controller that is back-lid. Hence, you never have to worry about controlling your air conditioner in the dark.

#4 – LG PC09SK

Key Specifications

  • Cooling Capacity: 2.5 kW
  • Heating Capacity: 3.3 kW
  • SEER: 7.0
  • SCOP: 4.0


  • Auto cleaning function
  • Quiet operation


  • Slightly more expensive

This model from LG has an auto-cleaning function where the air conditioner will blow its cooling coil from time to time to prevent bacteria and mould from growing inside the unit. It also has a jetcool mode which blasts cold air at 18 degree Celsius for 30 minutes with just a click. This model is very quiet at only 19 dB.

#5 – Fujitsu ASYG09

Key Specifications

  • Cooling Capacity: 2.5 kW
  • Heating Capacity: 2.8 kW
  • SEER: 7.4
  • SCOP: 4.1


  • Good energy efficiency
  • Slim design


  • Smart control is optional

This wall mounted air conditioner is a high-energy efficiency unit from Fujitsu. It also operates quietly at 20 dB only. This model has a special thin design where its depth is only 222 mm which looks excellent when installed up high on the wall thanks to its hybrid heat exchanger design.

#6 – Toshiba B10J2KV

Key Specifications

  • Cooling Capacity: 2.5 kW
  • Heating Capacity: 3.2 kW
  • SEER: 6.1
  • SCOP: 4.0


  • Easy maintenance
  • Self cleaning function


  • Slightly less efficient

This model from Toshiba has “dustless coil” coating on its heat exchanger fins. Combined with self-cleaning function, the maintenance for this unit is quick and easy as you only need to wash the removable air filter once in a while. Functions such as automatic mode and quiet mode are also included for better comfort.

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