aircondlounge was created to help homeowners and engineers from around the world on HVAC related problems while contributing to the environment. With better knowledge, people can design and operate their HVAC system more efficiently and thus, reducing the impact of air conditioning on the environment.

Carbon Removal Contribution

Since the beginning of aircondlounge’s commitment to fund carbon removal through Stripe Climate, the total contribution made by aircondlounge has been steadily increasing. Although the total amount contributed is relatively insignificant, the progress has been consistent.

Accumulative Stripe Climate Contribution by aircondlounge

For every purchase made on, aircondlounge diverts a small percentage to fund carbon removal. Moving forward, aircondlounge will continue to contribute more to help fight climate change.

Blog Articles Impact

aircondlounge strives to provide added value and think from the reader’s perspective. Each and every article is written by Yu Chang Zhen who is the founder of aircondlounge and an HVAC professional with years of real-world experience.

As a result, aircondlounge has been providing useful HVAC information and guidance to more than 70,000 people from different regions of the world through more than 200 blog articles on a monthly basis.

Blog articles on aircondlounge are free and thus, people don’t have to spend a fortune to get some of the most basic knowledge about HVAC, which indirectly encourages many people to read more about HVAC on aircondlounge.

Direct Consultation Results

The helpfulness of blog articles is limited. Hence, aircondlounge seeks alternative ways to help. Since then, Yu had leveraged his expertise on HVAC to help more people through direct consultation.

Wonderful thank you messages from people around the world have been one of the strongest motivators for aircondlounge to keep up the hard work.

“I must commend your site for its content.”


“It has given me a clear view on this issue.”


“I really want to thank you very much for your dedication and prompt answers.”


“Thank you I have used this information in the field to make me a better technician.”


“Thank you Yu for your amazing articles. I have read a few, and I must say they are Wells of knowledge.”


“I appreciate all the advice!”


From there, Yu helped many homeowners, technicians and engineers to reach a conclusion about their HVAC system which enabled them to proceed further. Moving forward, Yu plans to continue helping people from around the world through direct consultation.

Final Thought

The temperature differences across the world are getting wider and wider due to climate change. Heating and cooling had never been so critical before. While air conditioners are harmful to the environment, they are also saving lives in regions with extreme heat and cold.

Until further technological advancement in HVAC, we can design, operate and maintain air conditioners in the most efficient way to reduce the impact on the environment and help fight climate change.