How to Clean Mini Split Filters, Coils and Blower Wheel?

Mini splits require regular cleaning to keep them working at optimal performance. However, some people may find things like removing the blower wheel difficult. So, how do you clean mini splits with minimal removal and simple tools?

To clean a mini split, remove the cover of the mini split first. Then, take out the filters and wash them with water. For the coils, gently wipe the dust off with a motion parallel to the fins. To clean the blower wheel, remove the flaps and use a towel to wipe off the dust.

Many homeowners don’t have the tools that professionals use to clean mini splits. However, standard household cleaning tools such as a towel are good enough when done right.

How to Clean Mini Split Filters?

To clean mini split filters, you need to snap the cover open and gain access to the filter. Then, you can remove the filters and wash the dust off. Once you’re done cleaning the filters, wipe them dry and put them back on the mini split.

Here are the steps to clean mini split filters:

Step 1

Open the mini split cover and push it upward to lock it in place. Then, pull out the two filters from the mini split.

Step 2

Splash water on the back of the mini split filter to push the dust out of the front. Do not scrub the filter as you may damage the plastic mesh.

Step 3

Wipe the water off the mini split filter with tissue paper or towels. Leave it dry.

How to Clean Mini Split Coils?

To clean mini split coils, you need to unscrew the screws on the mini split cover, snap the clip open and remove the mini split cover from its body. Then, use a towel, tissue paper or equivalent to wipe the dust off the coil in an up-and-down motion so that the fins won’t become dented.

Here are the steps to clean mini split coils:

Step 1

Locate the screw on the mini split cover (check the installation manual). Use a screwdriver to unscrew all screws.

Step 2

Grab the top part of the mini split cover near the clip and pull upward to snap the cover off the clip.

Step 3

Grab the cover and rotate it slightly downward to remove it from the body of the mini split.

Step 4

Use a towel, tissue paper, a brush or equivalent to wipe/clean the dust off the mini split coil from up to down (parallel to the fins). Be gentle to the fins as they can become dented very easily.

How to Clean Mini Split Blower Wheel without Removing?

To clean mini split blower wheel without removing it, take off the flaps and gain access to the blower wheel from the front of the mini split. Then, use a towel or equivalent to wipe the dust off the blower wheel. You may use a small brush to further clean the blower wheel.

Here are the steps to clean mini split blower wheel without removing it:

Step 1

Snap open the clips on the main flap and remove the flap from the mini split. Unscrew the screws on the flap motor if any.

Step 2

Snap open the clips on the directional flaps and remove the flaps from the mini split.

Step 3

Use a towel or equivalent to wipe the dust off the blower wheel. Rotate the blower wheel with your hand while cleaning to speed up the process.

Step 4

The inner surfaces of the blower wheel may still have dust on them. Use a toothbrush, a small brush or equivalent to brush it off.

Before and After Cleaning Comparison

Before cleaning, the blower wheel was full of thick dust. After cleaning, the thick dust has been wiped off but there is still some dust on the inner surface of the blower wheel. You can use a small brush to further clean it. The airflow is noticeably stronger after cleaning.

Other parts are also wiped clean to give the mini split a fresh new look while making sure we’re breathing in clean air and the mini split is working as efficiently as possible.

After everything is cleaned, put them back into the mini split. Turn on the mini split and check for any abnormalities. Listen to any scratchy sound coming out of the blower wheel and see if the supply air is cold enough. You should feel stronger airflow and colder air after cleaning.

Mini Split Cleaning Tips

By not using chemicals to clean the coils and blower wheel (which need removal), we’re unable to clean the mini split thoroughly. To perform a proper chemical cleaning, the easiest way for you to do it yourself is to purchase a service bag and clean the mini split thoroughly with a pressure washer. If the dust crystallized on the coils, use an evaporator coil cleaner foam to soften the dust. If you find the fins on the coils are severely dented, use a fin comb to repair them.

Watch the full process of cleaning my mini split without using any special tools:

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