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Mini Split Dimensions (LxWxH) and Wall Space

Mini split dimension is one of the important aspects to consider when buying one. We need to make sure that we have enough wall space to hang the mini split wall unit. So, I compiled all mini split dimensions and calculated the required wall space.

In short, the smallest mini split in terms of physical dimension is the Senville LETO 9000 BTU 110/230V mini split heat pump. It measures 290 mm (11.4 inches) in height, 722 mm (28.4 inches) in width and 187 mm (7.4 inches) in depth.

Some people want a low-height mini split that can fit above the door/window. The Senville LETO doesn’t have the lowest height. So, let’s find out which mini split suit your needs.

Average Mini Split Dimensions

Mini splits have different dimensions. The capacity, model and brand affect the dimension of a mini split. However, we can use the average mini split dimension as a reference when estimating the required wall space and also when deciding where to put the mini split.

6k, 9k & 12k Mini Split Dimension

6k, 9k & 12k mini split dimension
  • Lowest height = 262mm (10.3″)
  • Shortest width = 722mm (28.4″)
  • Thinnest depth = 187mm (7.4″)

The 6k, 9k and 12k classes of mini split usually have the same dimension. In other words, 6000-12000 BTU mini splits share the same indoor unit physical size.

On average, the height of 6000 BTU to 12000 BTU mini splits is about 300 mm or 11.8 inches. Their width is about 840 mm or 33 inches and their depth is about 220 mm or 8.7 inches.

From 6000 BTU to 12000 BTU, the lowest height was found to be 262 mm or 10.3 inches. Meanwhile, the shortest width is 722 mm or 28.4 inches and the thinnest depth is 187 mm or 7.4 inches.

15k, 18k & 24k Mini Split Dimension

15k, 18k & 24k mini split dimension
  • Lowest height = 280mm (11″)
  • Shortest width = 798mm (31.4″)
  • Thinnest depth = 211mm (8.3″)

Similarly, most of the 15k, 18k and 24k classes of mini split also have the same dimension. From 15000 BTU all the way up to 24000 BTU, they all share the same indoor unit physical size.

Sometimes, the 15k model is slightly smaller, like between 12k and 18k.

Nonetheless, the height of 15000 BTU, 18000 BTU and 24000 BTU mini splits is about 320 mm or 12.6 inches. At the same time, their width and depth are 1050 mm or 41.3 inches and 250 mm or 9.8 inches respectively.

Among the three classes of mini split, the lowest height was found to be 280 mm or 11 inches, the shortest width is 798 mm or 31.4 inches and the thinnest depth is 211 mm or 8.3 inches.

30k & 36k Mini Split Dimension

30k & 36k mini split dimension
  • Lowest height = 320mm (12.6″)
  • Shortest width = 998mm (39.3″)
  • Thinnest depth = 228mm (9″)

30k and 36k classes of mini split also often share the same physical dimension. Their height is about 340 mm or 13.4 inches, width is about 1240 mm or 48.8 inches and depth is about 260 mm or 10.2 inches.

Among 30000 BTU to 36000 BTU mini splits, the lowest height was found to be 320 mm or 12.6 inches, the shortest width is 998 mm or 39.3 inches and the thinnest depth is 228 mm or 9 inches.

Mini Split Wall Space

All 4 sides of mini split need space clearance for installation, service and maintenance. The most important space to be cautious of is the space above the mini split as we need to provide a sufficient gap for proper return airflow.

Most of the time, the space clearance is written in the installation manual by the manufacturer. It is usually the minimum space required for a performance guarantee. If you did not follow it, the manufacturer may void the warranty.

However, it is sometimes good to add more space if it is allowed for ease of installation and maintenance.

Below is a diagram showing the typical minimum clearance (in red) and my recommended space clearance (in blue) for mini split:

mini split wall space
Mini Split Wall Space Requirement

So, when you’re shopping for a mini split, make sure you add the 4-side space clearance and check if the unit can fit your preferred location.

For more about mini split placement including the outdoor unit, check out my post Best Place to Put the Mini Split Air Handler and Condenser.

Mini Split Dimension Ranking

Mini split dimensions can be found in brochures. However, it takes a long time to read through brochures, especially when we have over 150 mini split models.

So, I gathered the dimension of the mini split wall-mounted indoor unit and sorted the mini splits in a ranking list based on the smallest dimension.

It is important to mention that the mini splits listed below are in my opinion good in quality, reliability and brand recognition. Some of them are even featured in my best mini split post.

1. Senville LETO 9000 BTU 110/230V

senville leto mini split dimension

Out of the 178 mini splits that I’ve compared, the Senville LETO 9000 BTU mini split heat pump has the smallest physical dimension overall, applicable to both the 110V and 230V models.

The primary contributor to Senville LETO’s overall small dimension is its depth, at only 187 mm or 7.4 inches. However, depth is not an important aspect of mini split. Nonetheless, its width is also quite attractive at 722 mm or 28.4 inches which is shorter than the average.

2. Fujitsu ASU9/12RL2 9000-12000 BTU 110V

fujitsu asurl2 mini split dimension

In terms of practicality, the Fujitsu ASU9RL2 and ASU12RL2 mini split heat pumps have the lowest height at only 262 mm or 10.3 inches. However, their width is 820 mm or 32.3 inches.

The Fujitsu ASU9RL2 and ASU12RL2 share the same exact indoor unit physical size. Their cooling capacities are 9000 BTU and 12000 BTU respectively.

With a low height, these two mini splits can fit above the door and window. But, their width may restrict you from installing at some of the above-door locations.

3. Daikin Aurora 9000-12000 BTU 230V -13°F Heating

daikin aurora mini split dimension

For low ambient heating down to -13°F, the Daikin Aurora 9000 BTU and 12000 BTU mini split heat pumps offer the shortest width at only 770 mm or 30.3 inches. In addition, their height and depth are also remarkable at 285 mm (11.2 inches) and 223 mm (8.8 inches) respectively.

While the Mitsubishi MSZ-FS hyper-heating is one of the top mini split heat pumps to consider when it comes to low ambient heating, it is bulkier (925 mm width) compared to the Daikin Aurora which is also one of the top choices.

4. Mitsubishi MSZ-GL15NA 14000 BTU

mitsubishi msz-gl15na mini split dimension

The Mitsubishi MSZ-GL15NA is a 15k class mini split with the dimension of a 9k class mini split. Its height, width and depth are only 295 mm (11.6 inches), 798 mm (31.4 inches) and 232 mm (9.1 inches) respectively.

In fact, all three models: MSZ-GL09NA, MSZ-GL12NA and MSZ-GL15NA share the same indoor unit physical size. Anyway, if you need something compact with more than 12000 BTU of cooling capacity, this is a mini split that you might want to consider.

5. Panasonic Pro Series 18000-24000 BTU

panasonic pro series mini split dimension

The height of mini splits above 18000 BTU cooling capacity usually exceeds 300 mm (11.8 inches). However, the height of Panasonic Pro Series 18000 BTU and 24000 BTU mini split heat pumps is only 290 mm or 11.4 inches.

If you need a mini split with 18000 BTU or 24000 BTU of cooling capacity and you don’t really have much space to mount the unit, this low-height mini split might be your solution.

6. Fujitsu ASU30/36RLXB 30000-36000 BTU

fujitsu asurlxb mini split dimension

Now for the biggest cooling capacity mini split. At 30000 BTU and even 36000 BTU, we can’t expect much on the mini split dimension.

However, the Fujitsu ASU30RLXB and ASU36RLXB mini split heat pumps offer the smallest overall physical dimension at 320 mm (12.6 inches) height, 998 mm (39.3 inches) width and 228 mm (9 inches) depth.

Surprisingly, some of the 12000 BTU mini splits have similar dimensions as the Fujitsu ASU30RLXB and ASU36RLXB.

There you have it. Out of the 178 mini splits that I’ve compared, these are the best ones that I recommend for people who have limited wall space.

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