Yu Chang Zhen (Chinese: 尤长政; born November 29, 1991) is a Malaysian Chinese engineer and content creator. He is the founder and author of aircondlounge, a website to provides helpful information about heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) to homeowners and engineers. He also hosted the aircondlounge YouTube channel that provides tutorials and general information about HVAC. He is the creator and instructor of several HVAC online courses for engineers.

Early Life and Education

Yu Chang Zhen was born on November 29, 1991, in Selangor, one of the 13 states of Malaysia. In his early childhood, he stayed with his grandmother alongside his cousins in Kuala Sungai Baru where he got his early childhood education. At the age of 7, Yu moved to Kuala Lumpur and attended SJK(C) Yoke Nam (Chinese: 育南华小) for his primary education and subsequently SJK(C) Han Ming (Chinese: 汉民华小) due to a relocation. Later, Yu attended SMK Puchong Utama (1) for his secondary education and SEGi College Subang Jaya where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sunderland. Yu often found himself teaching his classmates on mathematics and physics since his secondary education. After graduating from college, Yu was a part-time mathematics and physics tuition teacher for a year.


Project Engineer

After graduation, Yu worked at Thermal Energy Storage Sdn Bhd as a project engineer. During his 1-year and 8-month service in the company, Yu assisted the company’s project managers in multiple project tendering and construction supervision work. H designed the air conditioning system for SJK(C) Wangsa Maju under the supervision of a certified professional engineer and he was in charge of the retrofitting of the air conditioning system in Hospital Serdang alongside two of his colleagues under the supervision of a project manager before his resignation.

Upon his resignation, Yu joined Sricool Engineering Sdn Bhd as a project engineer and was later promoted to a senior position. Shortly after joining the company, Yu was assigned to be the engineer in charge of the construction of the air conditioning and mechanical ventilation (ACMV) system in Tropicana Gardens Phase 1, a 40-story serviced residence and Tropicana Gardens Phase 2, a 45-storey serviced residence. Yu oversaw the delivery, installation and commission of nearly 1,500 air conditioning units in the two residences which have a total of 749 residential units. The two buildings have over 10 staircases and Yu had to put the mechanical pressurization system in place under the bomba‘s requirements alongside 4 floors of basement carpark with the smoke spill system. Due to the level of technicality, Yu was involved directly in the testing and commissioning of Daikin’s variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system in the Tropicana’s residences. On 9 November 2016, Yu and his team successfully passed the bomba test for the smoke spill and pressurization system in the Phase 1 residence and subsequently, the Phase 2 residence on 21 March 2017 which both led to the successful acquisition of the certificate of completion and compliance (CCC) for the project.

Yu in 2023

Yu Chang Zhen
29 November 1991
Selangor, Malaysia


SEGi College Subang Jaya


Project Engineer
Senior Engineer
Project & Service Manager
Content Creator


Senior Engineer

After spending 2 years and 6 months in the company, Yu was promoted to senior engineer who was later involved in system design and application for the company. During his 1 year and 2 months as a senior engineer, Yu was in charge of the construction of the variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioning system in BookXcess and Village Grocer in the Tamarind Square while also attending multiple project tenders, value engineering proposal presentations and lobbied for business development.

Yu attending the 2018 HVACR exhibition in China.

Project & Service Manager

After Yu had resigned from Sricool Engineering Sdn Bhd, he joined Intrix Renewable Sdn Bhd, a company specializing in heat pump hot water systems. Yu saw heat pumps as the future of water heating which later carried on to his work on aircondlounge about heat pumps for space heating. Yu took the position as a project and service manager and was responsible for setting up a standard operating procedure (SOP) for the company’s project department as well as taking charge of customer and after-sales services of the company’s service department.

During his 2 years and 3 months of service in the company, Yu completed 4 heat pump water heating system projects with standard project documentation while streamlining the service department’s service inquiry and mobilization processes. Before leaving the company, Yu managed to complete most of the preliminary design and technical work required for the construction of the solar and heat pump hot water system in Merdeka 118, the second-tallest building in the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic struck when Yu was a project and service manager. The movement control order (MCO) forced the company to stop all projects and services. During that period, Yu hosted two Facebook live interviews for the company’s marketing purposes and was involved in the marketing of the company’s personal protective products.

Yu explaining heat pump to ASHRAE students from Hong Kong.

Content Creation


Inspired by the ability to make a greater impact, Yu decided to quit his full-time engineering position and pursue digital content creation. After his resignation, Yu created aircondlounge. In the early days of aircondlounge, Yu researched and published at least 1 blog post per day. Later, Yu offered his design tools for purchase. Fast forward to today, Yu has published over 300 blog posts, covering a wide range of topics about heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).


While writing blog posts, Yu was constantly approached by readers for consultation. He would provide advice and sometimes help his clients to design their air conditioning systems. In one instance, Yu was engaged as an in-house industry consultant for an American HVAC startup, Quilt System. He was involved in technical meetings and discussion sessions to provide his industrial insights. Later, Yu was engaged by a Malaysian contracting company, HHTech Engineering Sdn Bhd as the in-house design consultant for the construction of the air conditioning and mechanical ventilation (ACMV) for the Navy ships of the Royal Malaysian Navy.