Best Air Conditioner Brands in the World in 2021

There are hundreds of air conditioner brands in the world but which one is the best? I’m going to compare and give you an exact answer here.

In order to come out with the best air conditioner brands, I look at various countries with high demand for air conditioners. Then, I search for the best air conditioner brand in that particular country on google and pick the top relevant websites. Hey, Google is extremely good at ranking good websites using their complex algorithm.

So, I think by gathering the data from the top relevant websites on Google, we should be very close to finding the best air conditioner in each country.

Based on my comparison of the top picked brands from various countries with large air conditioner markets, the best air conditioner brand is LG. India, Philippines, and United States ranked LG as the best AC brand. LG dominates the Indian market by ranking as the no.1 brand across 6 websites. 3 websites from America chosen LG as the best overall for window air conditioners and 2 websites from Philippines selected LG as the best AC brand.

We should keep in mind that these air conditioner manufacturers may not necessarily go all out in certain countries. The branding culture of one country may be very different from another country. Although a brand is very good, people may not necessarily buy its product simply because they already have a brand in mind that they’ve been using it since young.

Because of that, manufacturers may give up on certain markets in order to concentrate their resources on markets that bring them the most profit. Therefore, we may see some ranked as top brands but not appearing anywhere in other countries and that is totally fine.

With that said, let’s see what I’ve got after my long hours of research and data gathering.

Best Air Conditioner Brand in Malaysia 2021

The first country we are going to find out about is Malaysia, of course, it is where I live. Before that, I have to be honest that my personal favorite is Daikin. But, without bias, let’s look at the data that I’ve gathered in the following:

WebsiteTop Picked Brand(s)
Best Buy GetPanasonic, Hisense
Best AdvisorMidea, Gree, York, Daikin, Haier
The Wedding VowDaikin
Cozy BerriesMidea
Find Good BuyDaikin, Panasonic, Hitachi
Lowyat ForumDaikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Gree

Based on the top recommendation from websites, I picked up the brand and listed them all as above. Seems like Daikin is the best AC brand in Malaysia where most of the websites recommended (yes! me too). The second place goes to Panasonic and the third is Midea and Gree.

What surprises me is Gree. Gree is a well-known brand in China. In Malaysia, I rarely heard people install Gree air conditioners. Maybe it’s just me, you might have heard of.

In addition, because I was in the Malaysian aircond community, I put up a poll for thousands of aircond technicians to vote for their best brand. The result reflects the best aircond brand from the perspective of the technicians who install, service, and repair hundreds of aircond every year.

Result of Best AC Brand Poll

Apparently, Daikin was voted as the best AC brand in Malaysia by technicians, leading with almost doubled the votes of the second place which goes to Panasonic. The results from the voting are pretty aligned with the top picked brands from various websites with an exception of Acson where I hardly see any website that recommended it.

If you ask me, I think the result from the voting by the technicians is very reliable and closer to the reality because these technicians had seen and serviced many different brands. I believe nobody is in a better position than the technician when it comes to rating the aircond brand. There you go.

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Best Air Conditioner Brand in India 2021

India’s population is close to 1.4 billion. As of writing, India is the second-most populous country in the world. Besides, the weather in India is similar to Malaysia which is very hot. A side joke is that we, both India and Malaysia, have four seasons too; summer, summer, summer and guess what, summer!

Joke aside, let’s see the data that I’ve gathered as below:

WebsiteTop Picked Brand(s)
Bajaj FinservDaikin, LG
Kitchen ArenaLG, Daikin
Energy Conversion DevicesLG, Voltas
HomelinessLG, Voltas
Indian ScienceLG, Hitachi
Best CheckLG

Needless to say, the winner is very clear. LG is the best AC brand in India as it dominates the Indian market based on the above data, and other websites that I’ve read but not putting in the above table, almost all websites suggested LG as one of their top choices. Well done LG.

Best Air Conditioner Brand in Philippines 2021

Philippines also is a big market for air conditioner manufacturers. Based on the websites that I’ve read, I noticed that the window type air conditioner is quite popular there. Let’s take a quick look at the finding:

WebsiteTop Picked Brand(s)
VinesCarrier, Condura
Gineer SnowCarrier, LG
My BestDaikin, LG, Panasonic

I managed to find 3 websites only which I think are more reliable for the comparison. Nevertheless, the result shows that Carrier and LG are the best AC brands in Philippines. However, because the data is limited and there is a mixture of window air conditioners, take the above result with a grain of salt.

Best Air Conditioner Brand in Australia 2021

In Australia, there are a few reputable reviewing and ranking websites such as Canstar Blue and Choice. They provided comprehensive comparisons and picked the best brand of their choice. Combined with other websites, here is what I found:

WebsiteTop Picked Brand(s)
Canstar BlueMitsubishi, Kelvinator, Panasonic
Product ReviewMitsubishi
Compare Air ConditioningMitsubishi
Harvey NormanFujitsu, Mitsubishi
FinderMitsubishi, Fujitsu

Mitsubishi is the best AC brand in Australia by far. It was chosen 3 times in a row as the best brand by Choice. As I read through these review websites, I noticed that plenty of Mitsubishi air conditioner models was ranked at the top again and again. This shows that Mitsubishi, not just one particular model but various models, are very appealing to the consumers in Australia.

Best Air Conditioner Brand in United States 2021

United States no doubt is one largest market and posses the greatest buying power. However, they have limited space and thus, window air conditioner is very popular there. Many websites ranked their top choices with window air conditioner. Check it out below:

WebsitesTop Picked Brand(s)
The SpruceLG
NY TimesLG
Business InsiderLG
NBC NewsMidea
The StrategistFriedrich
Lifestory ResearchTrane

Further to the above data, as I read through all the websites, LG was ranked as the best AC brand in United States when it comes to window air conditioners. Because the market is so huge, each brand has its own strength in a certain industry.

List of Top LG Air Conditioners:

Window Air Conditioners:

Portable Air Conditioners:

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners:

In addition, I found that Lifestory Research did a very comprehensive finding among the Americans. Here is their result:

Image Captured from Lifestory Research.

Seems like overall, Trane was rated as the most trusted AC brand in the United States based on Lifestory Research. Below is I quote from part of the section in their report:

“Trane received the best reviews and trust ratings among the most popular Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning brands as seen by consumers.”

Lifestory Research


There you have it. I’ve found out the most popular brand(s) across a few countries. It is interesting to me that some of the AC brands may not do well in certain countries but dominates in other countries. Hence, it is not wise to judge the brands if they are not popular in our country.

However, if you are considering buying an air conditioner, picking the most popular brand is always the best choice because of other aspects such as service and maintenance.

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