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I embarked on a mission to educate millions of homeowners and engineers about heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). I vision an energy-efficiency future where all HVAC systems are well designed, well installed, well operated and well maintained.

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I wrote more than 300 blog articles on this website and filmed several videos on YouTube as free resources.

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I created online courses to teach HVAC engineers on specific skills from beginner to advance level.

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I provide consultation and design services professionally to individuals as well as companies.

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Online Courses​

These courses are self-paced which means you can learn at anytime at anywhere you want, giving you full control of your time.


Chilled Water System Design Course

A TRUE design course that take you through the process of designing a chilled water system using a modern 32-storey high-rise building as the sample project.



RTS Cooling Load Calculation Course

Learn how to perform cooling load calculation using the Radiant Time Series method under 90 minutes through a step-by-step process with an excel calculator.



HVAC Beginner

Turn yourself into an HVAC competent in 10 days with the fundamentals of air conditioning, working principles and basic design skills.



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Digital Downloads

Ebooks, templates, charts and excel calculators are very handy in certain times. So, I made some of my personal tools available as digital downloads for you.

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