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Yu Chang Zhen
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of emails will I receive?

Most emails are notification about new article published on aircondlounge. Occasionally, you can expect to receive some promotional emails as well.

How frequently should I expect to receive the email?

You can expect to receive an email once every 2 days or so that lasted for about a week upon subscribed. After that, you may receive an email once every week or so, depending on how often I write new articles.

What will be the content of the email?

The first few emails are basically introduction. Later, the emails about newly published articles contain links to the respective articles and recent posts. For promotional emails, I usually include a discount code and explanation about the discount mechanism.

What is the email service provider?

I use MailChimp as the email service provider to help me schedule and send emails to all subscribers. MailChimp is one of the most reputable email service providers out there. Your email address will be kept secured with MailChimp.

All emails are prepared by me. However, I do use automation to send them by batches and schedules. Nonetheless, you can reply to any emails that I sent and I’ll always receive them.

What is the email address I’ll be having conversation with?

The email address I used for aircondlounge is [email protected]. Feel free to contact me directly with it.