Project Engineer Starter Pack

Powerful start.

Start your project engineering with seven (7) templates, four (4) worksheets, five (5) charts and thirteen (13) samples

for USD 9.99 only

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Be a PRO on day 1.

Have all project documents in your hand

Suit up yourself with tools before you go into the war zone.

Know exactly what to do on the first day

Stay on the front line and get ahead of everyone else.

Understood project procedures before others

Unlock a clear and sharp mind right at the beginning.

Worksheets that every project engineer must have.

Equipment schedules are worksheets that project engineers use every day whether they are on the site or in the office.

Handle projects smoothly from A to Z.

Project engineer road maps enable you to execute projects smoothly and always act one step further.

Mandatory project documents templated.

From RFI to CVI, site memo, VO and claim. These documents are essential in construction projects.

Do it right the first time.

Are you clear of your scope of work?

Submit and follow up documents with the right person.

What materials should you order?

Ensure no mistake on copper pipe and insulation specifications.

Need help with RFIs and letters?

These samples will take care of you.

Things that I wish I had.

“When I first started working as a project engineer, I didn’t know what to do for many things. I’m not sure how to write RFIs and who should I submit to. Furthermore, I don’t really know the relationship of the people at the site. Lack of knowledge makes me unconfident in doing my work. I do ask my seniors to help but they are always busy.

My struggle lasts for about 2 years until I finally have enough experience to understand what is project engineering about and how to be a good project engineer.

I want new project engineers to move faster. I don’t wish to see them struggle like I do. I included many templates, documents, samples and charts that I wish I had in the Project Engineer Starter Pack.

I do believe they are very helpful for project engineers. So, I encourage junior project engineers to get it.”

Yu Chang Zhen
Former Project Engineer

Project Engineer Starter Pack

Start your project engineering with seven (7) templates, four (4) worksheets, five (5) charts and thirteen (13) samples

for USD 9.99 only

1% of all proceeds go to fund carbon removal.

Technical Specifications

Request for Information (RFI)1ExcelTemplate
Progress Claim1ExcelTemplate
Confirmation of Verbal Instruction (CVI)1ExcelTemplate
Site Memo1ExcelTemplate
Variation Order (VO)1ExcelTemplate
Site Opening Monitoring Report1ExcelTemplate
Equipment Schedule Worksheet4ExcelWorksheet
Project Engineer Road Maps for Building Construction Projects3PDFChart
Copper Pipe & Insulation Requirement for DX Split & VRF System2PDFChart
Project Document Samples13PDFSample

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Project Engineer Starter Pack only for new engineers?

Not necessary. If you think that the item included in the Starter Pack can help you, then you may consider it.

Is the Project Engineer Starter Pack applicable to me?

The items included in the Starter Pack are fundamentally applicable to everyone working in building construction projects.

What if I don’t know how to use them?

A detailed user guide is included in all templates and worksheets. it will guide you on the purpose, preparation, submission and critical use of these templates and worksheets. In addition, the samples provided also can help you with the actual applications.

Can I edit them?

You can edit the Google Sheets files. They are fully unlocked.

How to buy?

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When can I get the download link?

Upon payment done, a download link will appear on your screen immediately. In addition, you will also receive an email for payment confirmation including the same download link.

What if I have a problem with the download?

You can contact me by sending an email to [email protected]. I’ll get it sorted out for you.