HVAC Begin (eBook)

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Get started on HVAC by learning some of the most common HVAC systems and how they work

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Gain a solid foundation on HVAC.

Enter the HVAC world with confident.

Learn the most common HVAC systems in buildings today at the very beginning.

Have a wider perspective on HVAC.

Understand a wide range of HVAC topics and stand high up to see the big picture.

Progress your HVAC journey faster.

Compound your HVAC knowledge early as time is on your side now.

Clean and clear format.

Large chunk of words are broke into smaller sections for you to read better.

Real photo.

Photos that I took on-site are included in this ebook for better illustration.

Custom sketches.

I spent many hours sketching diagrams just to help you understand better.

Get a glimpse of what’s inside.

Chapter 2

Air Conditioner Working Principle

Chapter 3

Chilled Water System

Chapter 5

Smoke Spill System

Chapter 9

Variable Refrigerant Flow System

Chapter 11

HVAC and BMS Integration

Chapter 13

Air Balancing

and more…

1 eBook

14 chapters

7 systems

160 pages

The book to begin HVAC with.

“This ebook gives me a broad knowledge about HVAC which helps me to build a solid foundation and progress faster.”

– Fresh Graduates

“I always wanted to learn other HVAC systems since I don’t have the chance when I stuck with a project.”

– Junior Engineers

“With all the photos and sketches, this ebook is very easy for non-technical person and beginners to understand.”

– Beginners

A note from the author.

HVAC Begin (eBook) is dedicated for fresh graduates, junior engineers, beginners and anyone who just getting started on HVAC. I decide to put together this ebook because I think that many HVAC books are too difficult for beginners to understand. Since my writing tends to be beginner-friendly, I thought why not dedicate an ebook for anyone who wish to learn about HVAC and help them to build a solid foundation for their future HVAC journey.

“It is a tremendous advantage to read books because they resemble years of knowledge and experience.”

HVAC Begin (eBook)

Get started on HVAC by learning some of the most common HVAC systems and how they work

for USD 14.99 only

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Technical Specifications

TitleHVAC Begin
AuthorYu Chang Zhen
Pages164 (including covers)
UnitPrimarily SI unit complemented with Imperial unit
FeaturesStructured, colored photos, custom diagrams & sketches

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I able to understand?

The ebook is written with understandable in mind. Difficult terms and words are used sparingly.

Is the ebook applicable to me?

The ebook is based on the fundamentals of HVAC. It is applicable to everyone.

How long does it take to finish reading the ebook?

It depends on your reading speed and interpretation skills. Usually, it takes around 4-5 days to finish reading and about 1-2 weeks to fully digest the content.

How to buy this ebook?

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What if I have a problem with the download?

You can contact me by sending an email to [email protected]. I’ll get it sorted out for you.