HVAC Basics (eBook)

Everything you need to get started

Learn the basics of HVAC from working principle to systems, components and applications

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Build your HVAC knowledge from multiple angles.

Learn the applications of all the common HVAC components

Working principle alone is not enough. Knowing how to use different HVAC components is the key to success.

Covers all the basic HVAC knowledge you need to get started

From refrigeration cycle to insulation, grille, duct and pressurization system. This ebook covers it all.

Not just the theory and principle but also the real world knowledge

This ebook show you how to apply different HVAC materials and what are the common practices to follow.

200 pages of incredible details coverage.

HVAC Basics (eBook) covers a wide range of topics that are necessary for beginner to build a solid foundation.

Photos, diagrams, sketches and illustrations.

Real world photos, schematic diagrams, and custom sketches are hand crafted by me just to help you understand better.

Focus on common applications for practicality.

HVAC is a big subject but this ebook focuses on common applications and thus, it is highly relatable.

Get a glimpse of what's inside.

Chapter 1

PT chart, refrigeration cycle
and components

Chapter 3

Types of insulation
used in HVAC

Chapter 4

HVAC dampers and
their applications

Chapter 6

Four common types of
grilles in HVAC

Chapter 9

HVAC filters and
filtration grade

Chapter 13

Staircase and lift lobby
pressurization system

and more…

1 eBook

13 chapters

43 materials

195 pages

The ultimate guide on HVAC basics.

“This ebook is very easy to understand and I gain a lot of HVAC knowledge.”

– Fresh Graduates

“I never knew about other HVAC materials available until I read this ebook.”

– Junior Engineers

“This ebook extended my knowledge about different HVAC applications.”

– Senior Engineers

A message from the author.

I am the founder and owner of this website. Throughout my career, I learned a lot about the different types of HVAC components and systems. On top of that, I completed several HVAC construction projects which enable me to see the real world applications.

Then, I thought why not put everything that I've learned into an eBook so that my knowledge can be transferred more efficiently.

Practical application is far more important than on paper theory.

HVAC Basics (eBook)

Learn the basics of HVAC from working principle to systems, components and applications

for USD 14.99 only

1% of all proceeds go to fund carbon removal.

Technical Specifications

TitleHVAC Basics
AuthorYu Chang Zhen
Pages195 (including covers)
FeaturesStructured, colored photos, custom diagrams & sketches

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I able to understand?

The ebook is written with understandable in mind. Difficult terms and words are used sparingly.

Is the ebook applicable to me?

The ebook is based on the fundamentals of HVAC. It is applicable to everyone.

How long does it take to finish reading the ebook?

It depends on your reading speed and interpretation skills. Usually, it takes around 4-5 days to finish reading and about 3-4 weeks to fully digest the content.

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