HVAC Basics (eBook)

Discover the world of HVAC.

Learn different types of HVAC components used in residential and commercial buildings

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See the true color of HVAC.

Realize the options that you have in HVAC.

Learn the different types of components commonly available in HVAC.

Explore the potential of HVAC systems.

Understand various HVAC components and how they perform in the system.

Design better HVAC systems for the future.

Get to know the most efficient HVAC components currently available on the market.

Summary list.

Each chapter has a summary list of component to be discussed for your reference.

Sample photos.

I included plenty of photos to show you what the different HVAC components look like.

Easy navigation.

The integrated chapter and heading list can let you jump between components easily.

Get a glimpse of what’s inside.

Chapter 2


Chapter 5

Heat Exchanger

Chapter 7

Ventilation Fan

Chapter 9

Duct Insulation

Chapter 12


Chapter 15


and more…

1 eBook

16 chapters

73 components

165 pages

The book to expand your HVAC knowledge.

“Now I realize the scale of HVAC with all the different components.”

– Junior Engineers

“I never knew about other HVAC components available until I read this ebook.”

– Senior Engineers

“This ebook tells me options that my contractors may not have not known.”

– Homeowners

One of the chapters was featured in an engineering magazine.

A message from the author.

Many times, we only learn things that we working on and thus, overlooked on other things that might produce better results. I thought we should know about a lot of things but not necessarily need to go very deep. That’s why I wrote this ebook. The goal is to let engineers learn about HVAC components that they otherwise not able to unless they worked on related projects. With that, I believe they have a clearer path in their future and perhaps, they can accelerate their progress towards better efficiency HVAC systems.

“Learn a little about a lot of things can steer your life towards the right direction.”

HVAC Basics (eBook)

Learn different types of HVAC components used in residential and commercial buildings

for USD 14.99 only

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Technical Specifications

TitleHVAC Basics
AuthorYu Chang Zhen
Pages169 (including covers)
UnitPrimarily SI unit complemented with Imperial unit
FeaturesStructured, colored photos, navigation

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I able to understand?

The ebook is written with understandable in mind. Difficult terms and words are used sparingly.

Is the ebook applicable to me?

The ebook is based on the fundamentals of HVAC. It is applicable to everyone.

How long does it take to finish reading the ebook?

It depends on your reading speed and interpretation skills. Usually, it takes around 4-5 days to finish reading and about 3-4 weeks to fully digest the content.

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