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Practical advice.

Understand your problem.

I will ask you questions just to learn more about the problem so that I can provide accurate answers.

Think from your perspective.

I think from others’ perspective when structuring my answers for maximum practicality.

Personalized solution.

One solution can’t fit for everyone. My advice will be personalized for your situation.

Design Review

I can let you know whether your HVAC design make sense and if there is any error.

Sizing Calculation

I can help you do HVAC sizing including capacity, duct and grille where I deemed possible.

A Second Opinion.

I can provide you a second opinion and assessment as a professional for anything related to HVAC.

See examples of my previous help.

Design Review

  • Duct size
  • Grille size
  • Airflow concern

Full Assessment

  • Mini split capacity
  • Placement concern
  • Brand selection

Sizing Calculation

  • Guidance
  • Capacity calculation
  • Heat load concern

Sometimes, people just need an unbiased opinion to confirm their work.

About Yu, the consultant

“Nowadays, people are doubtful about the advice given by contractors. It is unfortunate but not hard to understand why. Hence, I want to share genuine information as it can help people make a more informed decision.”

– Yu Chang Zhen, aircondlounge

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Get your query answered by the person you trust

for USD 49.99 only

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this email consultation for?

This email consultation is open for homeowners or non-professionals who need help in their home air conditioning or HVAC system. Usually, I help them size ducts and grilles as well as provide tips and guidance on placement and other technical issues.

How this email consultation works?

After you complete the payment, you’ll be redirected to a contact form where you can describe your problem and send it to me as an email. In addition, you’ll also receive an email confirmation that prompt you to email me your problem description. Once I receive your email, I’ll work on it and get back to you as soon as possible. In the event I don’t heard from you in a day or two after your purchase, I’ll contact you to check out what’s happening.

What if my query is unresolved?

If your query is out of my expertise, I’ll try to seek answers from my network of professionals when necessary. Otherwise, I’ll refund 100% back to you.

My english is not very good, can I still get proper advice?

No worries. I’ll make myself understand your message as much as possible. If we’re really unable to communicate, I’ll refund 100% back to you.

How much can you help with the consultation?

Although I’ll try my best to provide with you a solution, kindly be reminded that I’m unable to assess your house/case physically. Hence, there is a limitation to how much I can help you. Nonetheless, anything that I’m not sure about or need your clarification on will be informed to you during our conversation.

This email consultation is applicable to what kind of problems?

Email has its own limitation in conveying messages. So, this consultation is more practical for things like AC placement, confirming facts, correcting misconceptions, catching scams, design reviews and sizing calculations.

Are there any guarantees?

I guarantee answers and solutions to your HVAC problems. Otherwise, I’ll refund 100% back to you. However, it is not possible for me to provide any other guarantees as I’m not able to do a physical assessment.

Are there any limitations to this consultation?

This service does not have any limitations. I’ll try to provide a solution to your problem regardless of how many days and how many emails it’ll take. However, it usually resolves in a day or two and within 3-5 email conversations. However, I trust that you understand the boundary of this service.

Why I’m not able to purchase the service?

I may impose a limit on the number of purchases every month as I do not wish to handle too many queries at once. Sometimes, I may not be available. When that happens, you may not be able to purchase the service.