Design Engineer Starter Pack

Get ahead of the game.

Kick start your HVAC design journey with nine (9) calculators, five (5) diagrams and three (3) charts

for USD 14.99 only

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A chance to be better than others.

Accelerate your design calculations process

Easy-to-use calculators that automate and speed up your repetitive design work.

Get ahead of your friends and colleagues

Gain access to non-beginner design tools that other people don't have.

Compound your skills and knowledge

Get to know the big picture and compound your skills to stay ahead of the game.

9 profound excel calculators made exclusively for you.

Many excel calculators are for general purposes but, my excel calculators are tailored for HVAC applications.

Chilled Water Pipe Size
Grille Size
Make-Up Tank Size
Fittings Pressure Drop
Flanges Pressure Rating
Pressurization System
Smoke Extraction System
Cable Size
Cooling Load Calculation

A beginner-friendly tool.

Enter your inputs and get your outputs instantaneously.

All of the calculators only need you to provide the necessary inputs meant for the HVAC system. No complicated procedures.

Drop down selections and multiple measurement units.

Variations are simplified down to the most relevant few figures in a form of drop down selections to ensure results.

Critical design parameters revealed.

Design parameters that affect the result the most are unselfishly revealed as typical and recommended values.

Impressive functionality.

“I am an HVAC professional with 10 years of experience. I have gone through the calculators and I am impressed. I would like to get more knowledge from you.”

Commented by Chandrashekhar from the United Arab Emirates

Buy once, last forever.

All 9 calculators are fully unlocked. So, make it your secret HVAC design tool that you can use for the rest of your HVAC journey.

Fundamentally applicable to everyone.

“I can go back home earlier than my colleagues thanks to those handy calculators.”

– Consulting Engineers

“I'm glad that I found out the pressurization fan was under capacity.”

– Project Engineers

“I bought the calculators for my engineers as a gift. They're now working independently.”

– Project Managers

“Yes! I don't have to teach my juniors over and over again. I just give them the calculators.”

– Senior Engineers

“Finally, I don't have to do design calculations for consultants and project engineers.”

– Sales Engineers

“I pay less for the electricity every month because of excellent HVAC designs.”

– Building Owners

One more thing…

Extra supports for you

  • COP explained with R134a PH diagram
  • Typical chilled water system diagram
  • Grille sizing CFM quick charts

Great learning doesn't have to be expensive.

HVAC seminars and courses are expensive. With online technology, great learning no longer expensive. The included COP explanation with PH diagram will change the way you approach the chilled water system.

About the creator.

Yu is the founder and author of aircondlounge. He wrote all the articles on aircondlounge. He combined his more than 7 years of practical HVAC experience and online skills to make the calculators, diagrams and charts in the Design Engineer Starter Pack.

“Many junior engineers don't get enough guidance from their seniors. Hence, I created the Design Engineer Starter Pack to help kick start their HVAC design journey. I hope that they will eventually design some of the best HVAC systems in the world.”

— Yu Chang Zhen, aircondlounge

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Design Engineer Starter Pack

Kick start your HVAC design journey with nine (9) calculators, five (5) diagrams and three (3) charts

for USD 14.99 only

1% of all proceeds go to fund carbon removal.

Technical Specifications

ItemQtyFormatDesign Criteria
Chilled Water Pipe Size Calculator1ExcelFriction loss < 8 ft; water velocity < 10 ft
Grille & Diffuser Size Calculator1ExcelFace velocity; free area
Make-Up Tank Size Calculator1ExcelBased on daily operating hours
Pressure Drop Calculator1ExcelASHRAE K factor
Pressure Rating Calculator1ExcelBernoulli's Equations
Pressurization Fan Capacity Calculator1ExcelMinimum 2 doors or 10% of total doors
Smoke Spill Fan Capacity Calculator1ExcelBasement only; minimum 10 ACH
Power Cable Size Calculator1ExcelCurrent-carrying capacity; voltage drop
Cooling Load Calculator1ExcelASHRAE GLF and CLTD method
COP Explained with R134a PH Diagrams4PDFRefrigeration effect; power consumption
Grille CFM Charts3PDFFace velocity < 500 fpm; 70% free area
Typical Chilled Water System Diagram1PDFSoutheast Asia climate

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes to the calculators?

Yes. The calculators are fully unlocked. You can make any changes as you wish.

Are the calculators applicable to me?

The calculators are created based on methods that are fundamentally applicable to people around the world. They are not dependent on geographic location.

How to use the calculators?

Simply enter your requirement in yellow cells and get the result in blue cells. In addition, you can follow the user guide link in the calculators to learn more.

How to buy?

Click on the buy now button to be directed to SendOwl payment gateway. Enter your name, email address and credit card details to complete the purchase.

When can I get the download link?

Upon payment done, a download link will appear on your screen immediately. In addition, you will also receive an email for payment confirmation including the same download link.

What if I have a problem with the download?

You can contact me by sending an email to I'll get it sorted out for you.

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