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Learn the fundamental ways to approach the chilled water system

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Mastering the chilled water system.

Understand how various components work.

Get to know the working principle of chilled water system and its components.

Learn key terms used in the chilled water system.

Explore key terms used and understand their affects on the chiller performance.

Discover the fundamental behind the system.

Learn the fundamental ways to understand and read the chilled water system.

Comprehensive explanation.

Clear formatting, summary list and custom diagrams for your complete understanding.

Fundamental approach.

Different system operating conditions explained fundamentally for true understanding.

Progressive teaching.

Chapter arrangement and step-by-step methods to help you progress and learn better.

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Chapter 3

Chiller Approach

Chapter 5

Chiller Lift

Chapter 10

Net Positive Suction Head

Chapter 12

Primary Secondary Pump

Chapter 13

Reverse Return Piping

Chapter 18

High Delta T

and more…

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20 chapters

1 approach

164 pages

The book of fundamentals for engineers.

“The chilled water system is so complicated but I’m still able to understand.”

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An important memo from the author.

I was once had a chance to learn about the fundamentals of chilled water system from a reputable HVAC expert. We talk casually and he taught me a lot about how the system actually works and shared with me why many engineers misunderstood the system. From there, I did further research and put together this ebook to help other engineers to learn the true principle lies behind the chilled water system.

“Reason from first principle and seek for the fundamental truth in order to truly master a subject.”

Chilled Water System (eBook)

Learn the fundamental ways to approach the chilled water system

for USD 19.99 only

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Technical Specifications

TitleChilled Water System
AuthorYu Chang Zhen
Pages168 (including covers)
UnitPrimarily SI unit complemented with Imperial unit
FeaturesStructured, colored photos, custom diagrams & sketches

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I able to understand?

The ebook is written with understandable in mind. Difficult terms and words are used sparingly. However, it is advisable to have basic knowledge about HVAC before reading this ebook.

Is the ebook applicable to me?

The ebook is based on the fundamentals of the chilled water system. It is applicable to everyone.

How long does it take to finish reading the ebook?

It depends on your reading speed and interpretation skills. Usually, it takes around 4-5 days to finish reading and about 3-4 weeks to fully digest the content.

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