Chilled Water System (eBook)

Explanation closest to reality.

Understand HVAC chilled water system from working principle to performance and efficiency

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Take your HVAC knowledge to the next level.

Learn the principle behind HVAC chilled water system from real engineers

Get to know the actual chilled water system from chillers and pumps to cooling towers and make-up tanks.

Master the relationship between water temperature and chiller performance

Gain access to knowledge about chiller performance that normally cost thousands to learn from seminars.

Realize the closed loop chilled water system static and dynamic pressure

Take you back to basic formulas for you to realize everything about pressure in the chilled water system.

100 pages of valuable information.

Chilled Water System (eBook) covers from working principle and system components to PH diagrams and Bernoulli's Principle.

Authentic diagrams & sketches.

I prepare and draw all diagrams, sketches, tables and charts solely by myself to help you understand better.

Deep technical knowledge simplified.

No fancy technical terms that people don't understand. The goal is to transfer as much knowledge to the reader as possible.

Get a glimpse of what's inside.

Chapter 1

Working Principle
System Components
3 Types of Chillers

Chapter 2

PH Diagram
Coefficient of Performance
Low Delta T Syndrome

Chapter 3

Pressure Rating
Static & Dynamic Pressure
Total System Pressure

Chapter 4

Hight Delta T Setup
High Humidity Problems
Low Supply Temperature

Chapter 5

Hybrid Chillers

Chapter 6

District Cooling System
Thermal Energy Storage
4 Different Modes

and more…

1 eBook

9 chapters

38 topics

109 pages

From beginner to experienced.

“I feel like I'm ahead of everyone else after reading this ebook.”

– Fresh Graduates

“Now I finally understood the things that confused me all the while.”

– Junior Engineers

“This ebook solidify my knowledge about the chilled water system.”

– Senior Engineers

A message from the author.

I am the founder and owner of this website. Throughout my career, I learned a lot about the chilled water system from basic working principle to chiller performance and energy efficiency. Furthermore, I conducted extensive study and research for the HVAC content I published on this website.

Then, I thought why not put everything that I've learned in an eBook so that my knowledge can be transferred more efficiently.

Small Investment.

Big Return.

Invest in yourself is not unheard of. Chilled Water System (ebook) is packed with information that will take your HVAC knowledge to the next level and thus, increase your value as well as your potential and earnings

Chilled Water System (eBook)

Understand HVAC chilled water system from working principle to performance and efficiency

for USD 14.99 only

1% of all proceeds go to fund carbon removal.

Technical Specifications

TitleChilled Water System
AuthorYu Chang Zhen
Pages111 (including covers)
FeaturesStructured, colored photos, custom diagrams & sketches

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I able to understand?

The ebook is written with understandable in mind. Difficult terms and words are used sparingly.

Is the ebook applicable to me?

The ebook is based on the fundamentals of the chilled water system. It is applicable to everyone.

How long does it take to finish reading the ebook?

It depends on your reading speed and interpretation skills. Usually, it takes around 2-3 days to finish reading and about 1-2 weeks to fully digest the content.

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