Here, you can find things that I either using, had used before or knew about and thus, I recommend them. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links and they are always disclosed. Otherwise, they are NOT affiliate links. If you want to support my work, consider making your purchase through the affiliate links. Thank you.

Recommended Products

  • Construction Site Safety Helmet (Malaysia) – PROGUARD Advantage 1 from Shopee (affiliate link). Malaysia only. SIRIM certified. Value for money. Comfortable. Hard and sturdy. White in color. See my review here.
  • Single Split Air Conditioner (Malaysia) – Daikin FTK-F Standard Inverter from Shopee (affiliate link). Malaysia only. R32 refrigerant gas. Inverter model. High energy efficiency. Reputable brand.
  • Ductless Mini Split for Standard Climate (United States) – Daikin 17 SEER Wall Mounted Inverter from Amazon (affiliate link) and Daikin 19 SEER Wall Mounted Inverter from Amazon (affiliate link). United States only. R410A refrigerant gas. Inverter model. Heating and cooling mode. Good energy efficiency. Reputable Japanese brand. See my review here.
  • Ductless Mini Split for Cold Climate (United States) – Daikin AURORA Wall Mounted Inverter from Amazon (affiliate link). United States only. R410A refrigerant gas. Inverter model. Heating performance down to -13°F ambient temperature. High energy efficiency. Reputable Japanese brand.
  • Window Air Conditioner (United States) – Midea U-Shaped from Amazon (affiliate link). United States only. Low noise. High energy efficiency. Aesthetically appealing. Lightweight. Flexible window size requirement. Good brand. See my review here.
  • Vented Portable Air Conditioner (United States) – Midea 3-in-1 from Amazon (affiliate link). United States only. Rich features and functions. Moderate noise. Aesthetically appealing. Good brand. See my review here.

Recommended Tools

  • View CAD Drawing (Mobile Phone) – DWG FastView from App Store or Google Play Store. Free to use. Fast loading. Can drag and zoom smoothly. Has simple measurement functions. Need to upgrade to paid version to access to more features.
  • Scan Document (Mobile Phone) – Scannable from App Store only. Free to use. Auto align, cut and make good of the scanned file. Can convert into PDF or image format. Scan process is quick and sometimes, too quick. Manual scan is available. Can share to WhatsApp or Email or others.
  • Merge and Split PDF (Windows Computer) – PDFill Free PDF Tools from CNET for windows only (download with cautions). Free PDF editing tool. Very basic and simple to use for merging, splitting pages of PDF. Process very quickly.
  • Duct Sizer Software (Windows Computer) – McQuay Duct Sizer from MEPWork for windows only. Free to use. Very simple duct sizer. Available in both SI and Imperial units. For rectangular and round ducts.
  • PDF Viewer and Editor (Windows Computer) – Adobe Acrobat Reader DC from Adobe for windows (MacOS use Preview). Free to use. View and edit PDF documents. Digital signature. Load PDF very quickly.
  • Compress and Unzip File (Windows Computer) – WinRAR from WinRAR for windows (MacOS has built-in function). Free to use. Compress and unzip files on windows computers. Simple and easy to use. A little annoying promotional message.
  • Calculate HVAC Designs – aircondlounge HVAC Calculators from aircondlounge. Easy to use. Practical. User guide included. Available in both Imperial and SI unit.

Recommended Books

  • Personal Finance Basics – Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki from Amazon (affiliate link). Story telling style. Let beginners understand what is money and how successful people manage money.
  • HVAC Fundamentals – ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals from Amazon (affiliate link). Thermodynamics, refrigeration cycle, pipework, ductwork, airflow, noise, vibration and more. Everything about HVAC down to the most fundamentals.
  • HVAC Chilled Water System – Chilled Water System by Yu Chang Zhen from aircondlounge. Working principle, chiller performance, system pressure, energy efficiency and more.
  • Personal Development – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey from Amazon (affiliate link). Mindsets of highly effective people. How to think and act effectively. Useful for project engineers and managers. I apply a lot throughout my career.
  • Life Direction – Start with Why by Simon Sinek from Amazon (affiliate link). Find the why in your life. How to be satisfied with your job. I find it is extremely important to find the why when doing things.