Recommended Multi-Zone Mini Split System

Multi-zone mini split system allow you to have less number of outdoor unit thereby saving space and improving the aesthetics of your house. Here are my recommendations for the all-round best and the cold climate model.

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My Recommendation for Small Applications: Daikin AURORA (up to 4 zones)

Why I pick the Daikin AURORA? I have worked on and used Daikin air conditioners for many years. They generally hold up very well. This model have high energy efficiency and perform great in cold weather.

What they could do to improve? The Daikin AURORA can only be connected up to 4 zones. So, for people who need more than 4 zones, this model is not suitable.

How does it compared to the competition? Daikin provide 12 years warranty compared to other brands that mostly give 7 years warranty. This model can maintain 100% heating capacity at 5℉ while others suffer heating capacity losses.

My Recommendation for Large Applications: Mitsubishi MXZ (up to 8 zones)

Why I pick the Mitsubishi MXZ? Mitsubishi mini splits are reliable. This model allows you to connect up to 8 zones. It has great energy efficiency as well as low ambient heating performance if you select the hyper-heating model.

What they could do to improve? Mitsubishi air conditioners are quite pricy. So, it may not be appealing to many people despite having better performance. Also, it doesn’t have a centralized control given that there are so many indoor units involved.

How does it compared to the competition? Ever since I worked in the HVAC industry, I came to realized that Mitsubishi products “never break”. It shows how reliable Mitsubishi air conditioners are. On top of that, they have great after-sales support.