Recommended Air Conditioner Brands

There are many different air conditioner brands on the market. Some of the brands produce air conditioners that are good in certain applications while others are better in a different applications. So, here are my recommendation for air conditioner brands.

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My First Recommendation for Mini Splits: Daikin

Why I recommend Daikin? In the past, I’ve worked on Daikin air conditioners in a few construction projects. Generally, their air conditioners are well-designed. They accounted for harsh shipment and installation errors. So, I’m very confident in air conditioners made by Daikin.

What they could do better? Daikin is not popularized in the United States and Canada. Although their products are good, many people don’t know about it. Hence, I hope they put more effort in marketing as well as provide more service centres across the state.

How does it compared to the competition? Daikin mini splits are not designed to be DIY-friendly. Most of the time, you’ll need a professional/contractor for the installation.

My Second Recommendation for Mini Splits: Panasonic

Why I recommend Panasonic? Panasonic made a tons of different electrical appliances. Despite that, I find their air conditioners quite good. if not, excellent. In fact, my first choice sometimes change from Daikin to Panasonic depending on the model.

What they could do better? Panasonic is worse than Daikin in terms of market penetration in the United States and Canada. At there, their brand is considered rare. So, it’ll be great if they can push more over there.

How does it compared to the competition? Panasonic air conditioners are quite expensive, more than Daikin in general. But, they are famous for their nanoX air filtration technology. Even Lexus uses that technology.

My Third Recommendation for Mini Splits: Mitsubishi

Why I recommend Mitsubishi? I’ve mentioned this many times. Mitsubishi products “never break”. Of course, it is exaggerating but it reflects the reliability of Mitsubishi air conditioners. My top choice of air conditioner brands always have Mitsubishi.

What they could do better? Mitsubishi air conditioners are pricy. Despite having better performance (especially low ambient heating), many people turn away due to the higher cost. How unfortunate.

How does it compared to the competition? Mitsubishi air conditioners may sometimes retain old features longer than its competitors. So, we always see dinosaur specs. on Mitsubishi air conditioners. Nonetheless, their reliability is top notch.