Recommended Products and Services

Here is all the products and services that I think are reliable and would recommend to my readers. If you want to support my work, click the button I provided for the product/service that you need and complete the purchase within 24 hours. Once you’ve done that, I’ll get about 3% of your total purchase as a commission for recommending the product/service and I thank you for the support.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner
(Wall-Mounted Type)

Ductless mini split by default is using the wall-mounted type of indoor unit. This is the simplest and most efficient type.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner
(Ceiling Cassette Type)

Ceiling cassette mini splits offer a more uniform air distribution. They are usually installed at the center of the room.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner
(Floor-Mounted Type)

For people who don’t want the unit on the wall, they can use the floor-mounted type of mini split indoor unit.

Ducted Mini Split Air Conditioner
(Ceiling Concealed Type)

Mini split can actually be ducted. The ceiling concealed type can hide above the ceiling and use ductwork for air distribution.

Multi-Zone Mini Split System

Multi-zone mini split systems can save space and improve aesthetics while having different styles of indoor units.

Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are the cheapest and most compact form of air conditioners but they are usually noisy.

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are great for people who want extra mobility but they are usually noisy and inefficient.

Online E-Commerce Stores

Buying air conditioners and heat pumps online can be more convenient and cheaper but DIY installation is often needed.

Air Conditioner Brands

Some air conditioner brands are pioneer in certain applications while others are better in a different application.