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Welcome to my website. My name is Yu Chang Zhen. I am the founder and author of aircondlounge. My purpose is to help people around the world with regard to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Hence, I work through publishing articles on aircondlounge to fulfill my purpose.

I imagine aircondlounge is an air-conditioned lounge where I can sit down with people from around the world who have specific problems and share my knowledge, hoping that it will clear their understanding and solve their problems.

Generally, aircondlounge has the following purposes:

  • Help homeowners around the world solve home air conditioning problems
  • Help homeowners around the world solve home ventilation problems.
  • Help homeowners around the world solve home heating and water heating problems.
  • Help engineers and technicians around the world understand HVAC system.
  • Help engineers and technicians around the world to become successful in career.
  • Help my audiences to build wealth through personal finance and stock investing.

I live in Malaysia, a very hot and humid country. I hold a UK Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. I worked 7 years in the HVAC construction industry; 5 years as a Project Engineer and 2 years as a Project & Service Manager.

This page is about aircondlounge. For more details about me, kindly visit the about me page.

Articles on aircondlounge

Currently, aircondlounge has more than 100 articles on home air conditioning. Some of my favourite articles are:

Is a Mini Split Good for a Garage? (Heating & Cooling)

7 Best Mini Split Air Conditioners (2022 Buyer’s Guide)

Best Place to Put the Mini Split Air Handler and Condenser

For home ventilation, my best articles on aircondlounge are:

Ducted Air Conditioning: All the Things You Want to Know

Do Air Purifiers Produce Oxygen?

aircondlounge starts to have articles on home heating and water heating. Some of them are:

Heat Pump Water Heater Basics (Hot Water System)

How Does a Heat Pump Work in Winter? (Simple Explanation)

There are plenty of technical articles for engineers to understand more about HVAC. The top 3 articles are:

How Chilled Water Temperature Affects Chiller Performance?

Closed Loop Chilled Water System Pressure

Secondary Pump Chilled Water System Explained

Some of the articles published on aircondlounge as follow can help engineers to be more successful in their careers:

9 Skills of a Good Project Engineer

9 Actions That Improve Your HVAC Design Skills

How to Read HVAC Drawings 1: Title Block & Symbols

To show my appreciation to loyal audiences of aircondlounge, I will publish some articles regarding wealth building in the near future on aircondlounge. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter so that you won’t miss out on them.

Digital Products Sold on aircondlounge

To help engineers to be more successful in their careers, I put my personal HVAC design tools on aircondlounge to let anyone who is interested purchase and download. Below are my best digital products:

Design Engineer Starter Pack

Project Engineer Starter Pack

Cost-Optimized Duct Sizing Chart

Highlights of aircondlounge

I’m proud that one of the articles on aircondlounge titled 6 Types of Supply Air Diffusers and Their Applications was featured in Thermal Control Business Update December 2021 magazine.

Environmental Contribution of aircondlounge

Not only the articles on aircondlounge contribute indirectly to the environment, 1% of all proceeds received from digital product purchases and supports via Buy Me a Coffee go to fund carbon removal through Stripe Climate.

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