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“I embarked on a mission to educate millions of homeowners and engineers about heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). I vision an energy-efficiency future where all HVAC systems are well designed, well installed, well operated and well maintained.”

Yu Chang Zhen | Founder of

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others

Going online allows me to make a greater impact, reaching more people of different regions and backgrounds.

Blog Articles

I share my HVAC knowledge with more than 50k people per month through my blog articles.


I teach important HVAC skills through online courses and provide practical tools for my students.


I help people solve their HVAC problems and provide technical advice to companies.

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Unique and hand-crafted online courses

My online courses are tailored to teach specific HVAC skills. I want engineers to become more competitive and thus, I give them the skills they required to advance their career.

HVAC Beginner Course

Great for beginners to get a head start.

Cooling Load Calculation Course

Perhaps the most valuable skill to have.

Chilled Water System Design Course

Suitable for anyone who wants to understand more about the design aspect of chillers, cooling towers, pump, AHU/FCU and other related components.

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I keep my teaching short and concise, straight to the point without wasting too much of my student’s time. I believe a full working example is the best way to show my students how to apply the knowledge in real world.

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Design Engineer Starter Pack

Chilled Water System (eBook)

Mini Split (eBook) + Tools

I created multiple tools like excel calculators, charts and checklists alongside ebooks as your go-to files for anything related to HVAC.

Learn something today!

HVAC is a never-ending learning journey. Myself also strive to learn something new everyday and that’s what keeps me moving forward.

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